Property Manager

We are proud to have Mr. Alex Comesana as Ocean Riviera’s property manager.  Please see his message to owners, below:

The staff and I continue to work with the Board of Directors and residents, as we complete the various projects associated with the Concrete Restoration and Special Assessment.

We look forward to the completion of the Concrete Restoration and Balcony Renovation. It has been a long process, but the finished product is very attractive and will serve us well for a number of years.

I look forward to the new season, and having our snowbirds return to enjoy the winter with us. As always, we will work together to provide fun events, and and a great environment for all residents to enjoy.  The goal of the entire Ocean Riviera Staff is to work to provide a clean, attractive and safe environment in an efficiently run building.  Ocean Riviera is a beautiful building and one of the most sought after properties on the Galt. We are proud of our fine tradition and we will work to make continued improvements.