Kayak/Paddle Board Policy

Owners and Lessees of KAYAKS/PADDLE BOARDS who wish to have their kayaks/paddle boards stored and available for their pleasure may request to rent a kayak/paddle board space in the Business Office. If a space is not available, the owner’s name will be kept on a waiting list. No owner may sell a space to another owner. When an apartment is sold, the kayak/paddle board space cannot be conveyed. 

NOTE: Owners/lessees anticipating the purchase of a kayak/paddle board should not do so prior to first being assigned a space. Under no circumstances should kayak/paddle board be stored anywhere else on the premises. 

Any use of the kayaks/paddle boards or rental spaces by unauthorized person(s) is strictly prohibited. If such unauthorized utilization occurs, the offending individual(s) would be requested to cease and desist, either by the owner, lessee, beach employee or Security. 

The Association has approximately ten (10) spaces available for owners/lessees to rent. Kayak/paddle board spaces are renting for $75.00 per calendar year per space and must be paid for in advance. Kayak/paddle board, together with all accessories, are to be purchased by the individual owners. They are not sold or supplied by the Association. 

Owners/lessees are responsible for the proper securing of the kayak/paddle board within their assigned spaces at all times, preferably with a lock and provide a copy of the key to the Business Office in the event of an emergency. The Ocean Riviera Association assumes no responsibility for loss or damage due to hurricanes, windstorms, theft or improper use. Owners should make their best effort to secure kayak/paddle board at a time of an impending storm. Should extremely severe weather be imminent, the Association will allow kayak/paddle board owners to bring them into the building and place them in a specified area which will be determined by the Business Office. Replacement of kayak/paddle board to their respective spaces after the weather improves must be within 24 hours. For a service fee, arrangements can be made with the Business Office for renters who will be out of residence to have the Association employees bring their kayak/paddle board into the specified area of the building during severe weather and replaced in their spaces after the inclement weather has passed. The Association disclaims any liability as a result of this service.